Children have more exposure to premium rate charging than ever before as services become increasingly mainstream and popular in the media, you could save on arguments, money, they can order ringtones and wallpapers at a press of a button when they do not even understand what they maybe committing to, vote to save or get rid of contestants in reality TV shows, get goal alerts from their favourite football teams and enter competitions to win fabulous prizes.

With a staggering 65% of children aged 8-15 now owning a mobile phone, 72% having access to digital TV at home and 65% having access to the internet at home, every parent wants their children to be safe, knowledgeable and informed about the new technologies available to them.

The premium rate regulator, ICSTIS is pro-active and has a website for kids to understand premium rate phone tariffs and how they work. The site is called PHONEbrain and personally I feel they’ve done something really worth while, you could save and keep them understanding how they need to be alert when using mobiles and home telephones.